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Digital PDF Book
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Digital PDF Book

Digital PDF Book is an automatic online conversion system that converts PDF files so that they can be read on the internet via web browsers and be found by search engines such as Google.

Digital PDF Book is an entirely new way of publishing materials in a 3D format.


Flipbooks are a new interactive way for content developers to publish their work. Publishing online requires one to present their content in a way that can attract readers and keep them viewing your content until the end. Flipbooks allow you to do just that utilizing a variety of platforms to achieve quality content representation.

When publishing one always faces the challenge of presenting their content that attracts readers. A traditional platform like docs or PDF might prove insufficient when trying to attract people. You need to submit your content in a format that is attractive and easy to navigate. Commercially flipbook is the best way to go for marketing and product catalogs.

Flipbook enables you to put ideas into an appealing format for your readers; this is due to its page simulator. Flash Flipbooks are a great way to present your information; they are certainly better than traditional formats like PDFS. Your content can also go mobile as most flash flipbooks authoring platforms also support HTML 5. This will help you reach those that only use their smartphone to access the internet.

Not only do Flipbooks present information in a friendly format but it is a good way to save. Traditional print form encompasses a lot of costs in the print process. There are printing costs, distribution, buying materials and much more. With flipbooks however you don’t have to worry about various expenses, all the values are packed into one very low single conversion price.

When using Flipbooks, you are not restricted to one type of product. With a flipbook you can convert your information to be anything you want, be it a technical manual, a periodical, a website or even a comic strip; flipbooks will present information with any specifications that you want. This saves a lot of time and money that would otherwise spend in rewriting and redesigning content particularly for those targeting various types of audiences.

As mentioned above flipbooks present information in a very attractive, colorful format that makes good use of images and different graphics; makes it better than traditional print in any sense as one can even use interactive graphic design to make it more colorful, appealing and eye-catching.

Prints usually take a long time to change hand from one reader to another. One has to finish reading and then give it to another reader who will then have to complete reading after which he will pass it to another user. If you are looking to reach the broad audience, you will find this process rather slow. However with Flipbooks, you don’t have to wait all that long, readers can easily share information, and you will end up covering more ground as far as the market is concerned.

In addition to that, you can also include links within the content so as to advertise other products that you also want to sell. This is a great way for one to promote his work. Doing this will enable you to cover more ground in the market, and it is certainly a platform that many sales and marketing executives will be looking to exploit.